Modules Overview

Ehcache modules are independent libraries that add new or extend existing Ehcache functionality. The following table lists the base Ehcache JARs as well as the modules available. If specific documentation is available for a module, click the name of the module to go that documentation.

Unless otherwise indicated in the table, you can download modules from the Ehcache download page. The names shown in the table correspond to the initial part of the download-page filename associated with the module.

Module Name Description
ehcache-core APIs, standalone caching engine, RMI replication and Hibernate plugins
ehcache Distributed Ehcache, which includes core Ehcache and Terracotta libraries
ehcache-monitor Enterprise-class monitoring and management for development and production
ehcache-web Java Servlet Container caching, gzipping filters
ehcache-jcache JSR107 JCACHE Implementation
ehcache-jgroupsreplication Replication using JGroups
ehcache-jmsreplication Replication using JMS
ehcache-openjpa Caching Plugin for OpenJPA
ehcache-server RESTful cache server in a WAR or standalone
ehcache-unlockedreadsview Allows unlocked reads in a coherent Terracotta cache
ehcache-debugger Allows tracing of RMI distributed replication events
Ehcache for Ruby Jruby and Rails caching installed as a Ruby gem (not available from the Ehcache download page)